Online learning is growing by leaps and bounds as the hottest way to train employees, says online expert William A. Draves, head of a new online course provider called UGotClass.

The organization has partnered with Maranacook Adult Education to provide online courses and certificates to people in the workplace.

Some of the hot topics right now for business include putting Social Media and YouTube to work marketing your business, Email promotions and Digital Brochures.

“The big reason why people in the workplace like online courses is that they can participate anytime day or night, from any location,” says Draves, who is also author of the book Advanced Teaching Online. “This flexible scheduling allows people to learn and still meet all their work and personal responsibilities. Another reason is that we don’t all learn best at the same time of day. Some people are most productive in the morning, some in the afternoon, some in the evening and some even late at night. So not only do online courses provide flexibility, they also respond to when the individual learns the most,” he says.

UGotClass online courses and certificates also feature audio lectures from the instructor and lots of written discussion and dialogue with other students and the teacher.

“Our courses have multimedia. You get to hear the instructor. Some of them even have videos,” notes Draves. “And every course has ongoing bulletin board discussions, so they are very interactive and engaging. One of the reasons I love to teach online is that I get to know people in the online class,” he says.

Maranacook Adult Education is one of more than 200 colleges, universities, schools, associations and other organizations working with UGotClass to offer the online courses.

The online courses and certificates are offered four times a year. Most are one month long.

For more information, contact Adult Education at 685-4923 x1009 or email: