WorkReady is an initiative of Maine’s four Local Workforce Investment Boards and the Maine Department of Education and is supported by a statewide steering committee comprised of MDOE – Adult Education, MDOL, MDOC, Maine’s 4 Local Workforce Investment Boards, and representatives from the private sector. The 60 hour soft skills based training is designed to provide successful participants with not only skills essential in today’s workplace, but also a portable credential. The WorkReady Credential is endorsed by businesses throughout the state.

The WorkReady curriculum addresses seven basic standards including personal motivations and challenges to employment, effective communication and interpersonal skills, understanding taxes and benefits, job searching, and resume and portfolio preparation. While the name “WorkReady” may imply that the program is designed for individuals with little to no work experience, it is actually highly applicable to a wide variety of individuals with varying degrees of training, education, and occupational skills. Successful programs have been conducted through local Adult & Community Education for the general public (including ASPIRE participants, retirees, individuals with post-secondary degrees, etc.), to displaced workers through NEG’s, to incumbent employees (where the employer has paid them for their participation and also paid for the instructional costs), to high school students and youth.

People who complete the WorkReady Credential Program will be able to:

Understand how to be successful employees based on individual strengths and personal awareness.
Develop a plan for employment based on career interests.
Know how to seek and apply for a job.
Understand how to communicate effectively in the workplace.
Work effectively with co-workers and as part of a team.
Demonstrate basic work knowledge.
Demonstrate an awareness of work-related safety and its importance